Web Developer & UI Reviewer



Amalia is on a mission to inspire, enable, and reward peak business performance. It helps companies simplify compensation & performance management along 3 axis:
  • ICM (Incentive Compensation Management, how to align sales rep behavior to the company's goals),
  • SPM (Sales Performance Management, tool that analyze and automatize sales rep processes),
  • EPM (Enterprise Performance Management, tool to plan, buget, forecast and report the business performance).
Amalia certifies $100+ millions in sales commissions annually.
Amalia raised 4 million euros.
Amalia was listed as in the best 20 startups in Europe in 2022 and is part of the famous Future40 by StationF.

My role

As a Web Developer & UI Reviewer, I was in charge of new feature development, participated in UI/UX reviews, designed complex technical solutions and mockups.

I was in charge of both validating/enriching ticket specifications, helping development team I was part of for a faster development, and checking the realisations.

I was also missioned to be the Tests Referral, I increased code quality by providing standards and new test solutions. I implemented Testing Library tests, and animated workshops to train the whole team and around new testing technologies.


Data connectors

Develop and maintain data connectors, from oauth2 authentications to cron scripts that launch data syncrhonisation.


A Google Cloud Run module that starts on HTTP-requests, that auto-scales and that permits to download very large files.


Implementing new testing solutions using RTL and Cypress, do tech trainings and write documentations. Increase code quality and coverage by 16%, for better maintenance and less regression.

Design System

Implement a well-documented, well tested design system, with Storybook. Mentor and train team members, providing materials, guidelines and meetings.


Develop a tool to let salesReps understand the full calculation of their commission.



Real-time sales performance management Saas solution
Sales Representatives have a variable salary (compensation) depending on how many new contracts they permitted to sign for their company. It depends on the contract type, if it's a new contract or a renewal, upsell, their team achievements... Nowadays, companies must build their compensation plan to be very attractive, to encourage a better productivity, but must be aware to limit their expenses on these plans. This problematic causes compensation plans to be more and more complex, implementing rampups, accelerators, adjustments, hold & release, KPIs, on-Target earning...

Amalia provides solutions to design and analyze compensation plans, and tools to manage data sources, overwrites, employee directory, goals, KPIs, comments, validation workflows...
NodeJS NestJS
React + Redux
Testing Library